Good-Bye Mom

My mother-in-law Anne died on October 14th at ten o’clock in the morning. My husband Dave and I were with her as well as two of Dave’s brothers, his Dad and my sister-in-law. We were surrounding Mom, holding her hands and we sang to her. Although she had struggled for nearly 72 hours she went to heaven peacefully. The staff at the Mennonite Home in Leamington were wonderful. She died in their lovely palliative care room. Many of the health care workers came to  say good-bye to her and give her a kiss. They told us stories about things they enjoyed about our mother and said she had been one of their ‘favorites’. Mom had a stroke just before Christmas last year and after that she was confined to a wheel chair and needed help with all her personal care. This was not easy for her and yet she obviously endeared herself to those who cared for her, just as she endeared herself to us. I will write a longer post about Mom soon.

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2 responses to “Good-Bye Mom

  1. eric, priscilla and wing yan ng

    Our deepest condolences to your families from Hong Kong. ;(


  2. Allan & Simone Penner

    What a beautiful photo of your mother. It was good to read that you and Dave were there to say farewell to a beautiful part of your lives. She has left you all with a legacy of love – how blessed you are for this. May you find solace as you say farewell to her today. Grace and peace to all of you. in freindship, Allan & Simone


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