What are People Saying?

About once a month I want to do a post summarizing what people are saying about What Next.  It is a good process for me to reflect on my audience’s response to my writing periodically. It is something I always encouraged my high school English students to do. Since many of the responses come on my Facebook page or in my e-mail, my blog readers don’t always see them. 

My husband’s Hong Kong movie buddy Bill thought that in my piece Movie Buddy Wanted I should have added that one of Dave’s great qualities as a movie buddy is that he always shares his M&M’s. A recently married friend said he hadn’t realized till he read my post that he needed a movie buddy. One point of contention in his otherwise very happy marriage is that his wife doesn’t always want to see the same movies he does. 

My post  Boxing Poetry elicited a thank you from the poet Kerry Ryan and her publisher sent me a free copy of Kerry’s book. 

Without a doubt my most popular entry in the last month was about my niece Hannah’s wedding. Many people from the extended Driedger family who weren’t at the wedding wrote, phoned or talked to me in person to tell me they had enjoyed reading about the nuptials that ended up being  just a little too exciting. 

An administrator at CDI College thanked me for drawing attention to their initiative to raise funds for breast cancer research and reported that ninety people from her school had participated in The Run for A Cure event. 

The post that got the most comments was the one I wrote about not making my bed. A half-dozen people responded that they never make their beds either—a few that I was quite surprised about, because they are very organized people. Both my cousin Lynn and my friend Meena said their husbands are the ones who insist on making the bed everyday. Lynn’s husband once made their bed while she was still in it!  A friend in Chicago who works at home says an unmade bed is a sign of chaos as far as she’s concerned, and making her bed gives her the sense of calm she requires to get her day off to the right start. My friend Jon thanked me, saying after reading my post he finally feels at peace about not making his bed. 

Dozens of people sent congratulations after the post announcing our son’s engagement.

My cousin Kirsten sagely observed that the advice in  ‘Just Say No’ was more easily read than done. Another reader said she feels particularly guilty about saying no to requests to do things at church but knows if she isn’t firm about doing so, she can get way too busy and stressed. 

My Aunt Mary thanked me for the post I wrote about her but one of her great nieces on her husband’s side of the family was quick to remind me that Mary was her aunt too! Clearly I don’t have exclusive claim to Mary’s affections or generosity as an aunt. 

Thanks again to everyone who reads What’s Next and especially to everyone who has taken the time to respond or give feedback. 

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