23,200 Bras

Yesterday morning when I went for a walk I saw what I thought from a distance were flags strung up in front of a government building on Main Street here in Winnipeg. When I got closer I realized they weren’t flags—they were bras and they weren’t just in front of one building they extended down the block on both sides of the street.

On my return walk I noticed this window display in a Business, Technology and Health Care College called CDI. In front of the college was another very colorful line of bras strung up between the street lights.  The window had the words ‘Remember Me’ in the centre and the signs said the names on the window were those of family members and friends of college students who were dealing with breast cancer. I realized then that the bra display must have something to do with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

I checked it out on my computer when I got home and found out CDI College was participating in an event called Bras for a Cause which raises awareness of breast cancer and solicits funds for medical research.  The college has been involved for several years, ever since a teacher on staff was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

I don’t know if there were 23, 200 bras flapping in the breeze on Main Street yesterday but that was the goal of CDI College. They wanted people to donate 23,200 bras for display because that’s how many women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada every year. In an article on the college website it notes that Manitoba Hydro volunteered the use of its machines and staff to put up the bras. The website had a link to the blog of a breast cancer survivor,a former CDI college student who was a special guest the day they strung up the bras along the street. 

Today is the CIBC Run for a Cure the annual Breast Cancer fundraising event sponsored by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  The CDI College has entered a team that has raised nearly $10,000.  I’m not sure how long the bras will be up on Main Street but they serve as a thought-provoking reminder that 100 Canadian women die of breast cancer every week and we can do things to change that statistic. Early detection and research for a cure are two of those things.  

The Bras for a Cause display certainly caught my attention. I hope it makes other people stop and think too.


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2 responses to “23,200 Bras

  1. Great initiative,,,I hope it works!!!;)


  2. Tahl east

    Thank you for noticing and for writing about it….I have the best students and staff any leader could wish for…90 of us walked in the run today and we were awarded with e school challenge award….we raised $9282 – so far! For the month of October the public can stop by the college, pick a bra from a box for $1 and we will hang it from the ceiling…the bras outside come down on Tuesday morning; they are then donated. this is the 2nd year


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