Movie Buddy Wanted

My husband Dave has always had a movie buddy. Movie buddies are guys he can call at a moment’s notice and they willingly head off to whatever show Dave wants to see. Dave is a bit of a movie junkie and really doesn’t mind going to any film.  I am a little more fussy about the films I watch and I often have other things I’d rather do than see every movie that comes along.

When we lived in Steinbach, before moving to Hong Kong, Brian was Dave’s primary movie buddy for many years. Brian was young, a golf professional and often agreed to hop in the car with Dave and drive to Winnipeg for a late movie. The two of them would catch a 9:45 show and then get back to Steinbach after midnight. I was so grateful to Brian for going to all those movies with Dave. It meant I could go to bed at a reasonable hour and escape movies that I really had no interest in seeing, but might have gone to, because I felt sorry for Dave having to go to the theatre alone. Dave had back-up movie buddies as well. I remember David, a local lawyer who also accompanied Dave on his late night movie escapades at times. Eventually David and Brian both got married, and then had children, so their availability for movie adventures wasn’t what it had been in the past. Luckily we moved to Hong Kong where Dave was able to find a new movie buddy. 

Bill lived in the same apartment block as we did in Ma On Shan and was a fellow teacher at International Christian School.  He was as passionate a film buff as Dave, and so the two made an excellent movie pair. Dave could call Bill just about any time and he’d be ready and willing to meet Dave in our apartment lobby to set off on a visit to the theatre at the local mall or even a movie house further afield in the city. I know Bill’s wife Yasuko was every bit as grateful as I was that her husband had a movie buddy. Yasuko is very discerning about the films she watches and was only too happy that Bill had a companion to go to movies she had no desire to see. She often thanked Dave for being Bill’s movie buddy. 

Now Bill and Yasuko have moved to Hawaii and we are in Winnipeg. Once again Dave is in need of a movie buddy. There are several movie theatres within easy walking distance of our condo and Dave could go to a movie every night if he wanted to. The problem is I don’t want to. I’m a little bit of a coward when it comes to watching movies with too much violence and I’m not a fan of lengthy foreign films that are all about great cinematography and have little story line.  Besides right now I’m finishing a history book project that has a deadline looming and so I feel guilty watching movies when I should be working on it. 

What next? I’m taking applications for a Winnipeg movie buddy for my husband. You need to have a somewhat flexible schedule and be spontaneous enough to agree to seeing a movie with very little prior notice. You need to be a fairly devoted movie aficionado, willing to see almost anything just for your love of the silver screen. If you are interested please respond to this blog post and I’ll pass your name along to Dave. 

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