Our Son is Engaged!

Our son is engaged and we couldn’t be happier! His fiancée is  a lovely, talented, kind and intelligent young woman, who is a high school music teacher here in Winnipeg. 

They became friends when they were working as co-directors at Moose Lake Mennonite Camp in 2006.  Here they are dressed up to entertain the campers at a special dinner. 

Our son brought his future fiancee to his brothers wedding in Saskatoon in September of 2006. He had a half-dozen music assignments during the wedding service and he said the young woman with him was coming as his friend to help him with the music. My motherly intuition strongly suspected the relationship was more than a friendship and sure enough just after the wedding our son said they were dating. 

His fiancee has become a wonderful addition to our family over the last five years. In 2008 she and our son came to visit us in Hong Kong and we went on a trip to Boracay in the Philippines with them. 

Our future daughter-in-law’s warm way with people was evident in the way the children at the school we visited in the Philippines responded to her. 

She demonstrated her daring spirit by trying chicken feet when we went out for dim sum in Hong Kong. None of our previous North American visitors had been brave enough.

She has also been a welcome addition to my extended family. This coming weekend the newly engaged couple are joining us in southern Ontario for our niece’s wedding so our son’s fiancee will have a chance to meet the relatives on the other side of the family. 

This picture was taken at our family cottage at Moose Lake, owned now by my brother and his wife. They were kind enough to let the couple use their cottage last week and it was the site of their engagement, a fitting place since Moose Lake is where they first became friends.

Dave and I never had daughters and I have always wanted one, so I consider myself very lucky indeed to have inherited two such accomplished and lovely daughters-in-law.

We have been living in China for six years and it is still the custom in many places there for parents to choose a wife for their son. We simply could not have chosen anyone we think would be a more perfect partner for our son. 

What next? We are looking forward to a wedding sometime in the coming year. We are so glad we are home in Winnipeg to enjoy the anticipation and planning for what is sure to be a very happy occasion. 

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  1. Priscilla Ng

    Congratulations . 🙂


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