Stretching Experiences

I have been busy preparing a sermon for this Sunday.  I am speaking at our home church in Steinbach—Grace Mennonite— on a topic I have written about before called Will You Be A Pilgrim or a Tourist? This time however I am using photos and stories from our travels to illustrate my sermon points.  One section of my sermon is about experiences Dave and I have had, that have stretched us or helped us grow spiritually, intellectually, physically or emotionally—things that perhaps were a little out of our comfort zone such as……………….


hammock borneo sleeping in a hammock in the Borneo rainforest

hopi grade one classTeaching on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizonawhale-johnstone

Kayaking with orca whales in British Columbia’s Johnstone Straitpraying at the wailing wall


Praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalemhabitat house thailand


Building a house for Habitat for Humanity in Lampang Thailand

girl on my lap borneoA homestay with a Muslim family in a rural village in  Malaysia

with school principal in cambodiaPartnering with a Cambodian principal and her staff to teach with my Hong Kong students at Goldstone School in Phnom Penh.  

dave on coffee plantationLiving and working with families on a coffee plantation in Laos

dave biking in yangshou Biking back roads  in Yangshuo China with our friendly guide Rong

dave in hanoiHaving a shave on the street in Hanoi

monk chatInterviewing a Buddist monk in Chiang Mai Thailand. maori meeting house new zealand

 Visiting a Maori Meeting House in New Zealand

Thomas Merton once said that it is necessary for each of us to have some experiences in life which ‘jerk us clean out of the habitual’.  It is something I need to remember to continue planning for very deliberately as I move forward in this first year of retirement. 

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One response to “Stretching Experiences

  1. Jasmin

    Dear Mrs. D,
    Your speech this Sunday will no doubt enlighten the audience. Good luck with it. I sent you an email ( address begins “lowco1..”.) in reply to your kind email to me last week. I hope you will have a chance to read it.
    Tubing looks so much fun; glad you all had a ball!


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