What Next? Tubing!

We spent last weekend at my brother’s cottage at Moose Lake. Almost everyone in our extended family was there and even my parents who hadn’t been out to the cottage for almost two years were able to come. I was seven years old when my grandfather built the cottage and over the years it has changed a great deal. My father inherited the cottage eventually, and now it has passed down to my brother Mark, which is great, because Mark and his wife Kathy are very generous people and have continued to make all of us feel welcome at the cottage. My brother has initiated many improvements and one is the addition of all kinds of ways to have fun on the water. There is a kayak, and a sort of floating island you can relax on out in the lake,a new speed boat, a sail boat, different kinds of water skis, a surfboard and huge tubes for individual or couples tubing behind the boat. 

My son Joel and his wife Karen tried the ‘tube for two’ first. They said it was so much fun!
Joel and Karen encouraged Dave and me to try. I’d been in the boat taking pictures during their ride and it looked a little too wild, but my brother Mark told me he’d drive carefully and not make our ride too daring.

So we were off! Mark kept his word about conservative driving although he added just a few sharp turns to make things exciting and I was glad he did. Dave made me promise not to scream and for the most part I kept my promise. 

Cutting our first wave was a little bit scary but the subsequent cuts were great. I used to do lots of water skiing, but figured my old bones might not be able to take that kind of stress, so this was an excellent alternative.

Dave did a little clowning around trying to tip the tube. The whole thing was fun for us and a FIRST as well to add to our list of firsts in this year of trying new things.

What next? Well my Dad who will be 83 in October decided he’d give tubing a try too and out he went with my older brother Ken.

What next? My 86 year old mom decided she’d get in on the water activities too and so her grandsons and my brother-in-law Ken carried her in her wheelchair down to the dock.

Soon Mom was safely ensconsed in the boat and off on her ride. Mom became wheel-chair bound this last year and I was so glad she got to shed her chair for at least a little while and have her own adventure on the water. 

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  1. Joyce

    That is so awesome…family time is very precious. Great to see your mom and dad enjoying themselves. I remember spending a weekend at the cottage many years ago. Have a great time making new memories with family and friends.


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