The Ultimate Experience

ultimate scoreboardCheck out this scoreboard for the game of Ultimate. The frisbee or disc divides the score of the two teams. Team one has two points. Team two has twelve. Shoes that are sideways count for five points each.

joel and karen ultimateMy son Joel and his wife Karen play on an Ultimate team in Saskatoon and they took me to their game last night. Joel has been playing Ultimate for quite a few years. He played for the University of Ottawa team when he was a masters student there. He also played on a men’s team in Saskatoon and I wrote an article called Ultimate- A Social Workout after watching him compete in a tournament in Winnipeg. Playing Ultimate has been a great way for Joel and Karen to make new friends and get exercise. ultimate with andrew and joel Joel introduced his Dad and me to another frisbee sport he enjoys- Disc Golf. His good friend Andrew, who also happens to be his second cousin on the Driedger side, took us to the Saskatoon Disc Golf Course. We are standing beside the ‘hole’ or basket at the 18th hole.  You need to get the disc inside to finish the ‘hole.’ There is a tee box for every hole. Here is Dave teeing off. He looks pretty professional!  dave ultimate saskatoonYou get a healthy workout walking from hole to hole. One hole was at the top of a very high hill. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice leisurely time disc golfing and visiting. andrew joel ultimatePros like Andrew and Joel carry a bag with a whole selection of discs for various distances and wind conditions. They told me as a beginner I could just use the same disc for the whole round so I did. Both Joel and Andrew are teachers and have taught their students how to play disc golf and have set up disc golf courses on their school grounds. We played the course at Diefenbaker Park in Saskatoon.  John Diefenbaker was one of Canada’s primeministers and he came from the province of Saskatchewan so many things there are named after him. joel visits driedgers weddingDiefenbaker Park is also where we hosted a barbeque and picnic for all the guests who had come to Saskatoon from many different places to celebrate Joel and Karen’s wedding five years ago. me and shirley wedding Disc golfing at Diefenbaker Park brought back lovely memories of Joel and Karen’s wedding the September long weekend in 2006 and disc golfing was a new experience for both Dave and me-something we’d never tried before. A great start to a year of trying new things.  What’s next? 


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  1. Marg

    Is that Paul Barkman on the picture?


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